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What speed does Internet connection need to be to view the live stream?

All our live streams are multi bitrate streams, with the lowest bitrate available being 500kps. This speed will allow for viewing over most 4G, wifi, and other shared networks. For the best viewing experience, we recommend that the stream is viewed from a fixed/wired Internet connection with a download bandwidth of at least 2000kbps.

check what your download speed is please visit

If you’re on a shared connection (for instance a free wifi connection), we cannot guarantee that the stream will be consistent as there may be congestion related to the shared network that is being used.

Can I watch the stream on my mobile device?

Yes! The live stream can be watched on any mobile devices that is connected the to the Internet and can receive a HLS Stream. Please note however, that as mobile networks fluctuate, so will the stream quality and you may notice the video quality change. Also, being a shared network you may at time experience drop outs when you are moving around between multiple cell towers.

What browsers do we support?

We support all major browsers when they have more than 5% market share within the APAC, U.S. and U.K. Also, once a browser has reached its end-of-life from the manufacturer, we will no longer will support that browser. Below is a list of the browsers we support:

OS Player Browser
Windows 7+ HTML5 [2*] Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 52.0+, Chrome 58.0+
Mac OS X 10.10+ HTML5 Safari 10.0+, Chrome 58.0+ Firefox 52.0+
iOS 9.0+ HTML5 Safari iOS
Android 4.3+ [3*] HTML5 Native Browser

To determine the version installed on your computer, complete the following steps:

For PC

  • Open the browser
  • Click on the “Help” menu
  • Click “About”

For Macintosh

  • Click the browsers name tab (i.e. “Chrome”)
  • Click “About”

You can download a newer version of each browser via the links below:

Does my browser require any plug-ins?

No, our player is 100% HTML5

What are the minimum technical requirements for viewing the live webcast?

  • 4GB RAM Recommended
  • Minimum Intel i5 Processor
  • JavaScript and Cookies must also be enabled.
  • Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution
  • Speakers/headphones

I'm getting a spinning wheel, what could be the problem?

  • Please ensure that you have java script and cookies enabled and that you have no security settings or ad-blockers that could be preventing you from loading the stream.
  • If you are on a corporate network, there may be a Firewall which could be blocking the live stream. You will need to see your network administrator to see if they can assist.

The stream starts, but then stops, what could be the problem?

It is likely that there is not sufficient network speed to watch the stream. This is most likely the case when on a shared wifi connection or on a mobile connection with not much bandwidth, or a poor signal. Try changing to a wired connection or move until you see that you have a stronger 4G or Wifi signal.

I can’t hear the audio

Every live stream is tested beforehand so if there is no audio, it is most likely something to do with the computer you are viewing on. If using speakers, check that they are plugged into your computer, power, and turned on. Try removing the audio cable out of your computer and see if you can hear audio then. Also, make sure that your speakers (or headphones) are not plugged into the microphone jack by mistake

If you still cannot hear any audio, check that the volume on the video player is not down or muted, or the that audio icon on the browser is not muted.

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